Health Care Ethics

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Greetings HS 542,
Health Care Code of Ethics Paper Information
Here are the questions that I want you to answer for the Healthcare Code of Ethics. You should have at least 3 pages double spaced for your paper. Make sure that you have complete sentences for each answer. Please type the questions and the answers. 1.What is the name of the company of whom you have the Code of Ethics for? United Health Group is the name of the company that I am reviewing the Code of Ethics. This document highlights the characteristics and guidelines used to effectively run this company. Integrity purposely leads the list of characteristics. This document can also be called the “code of conduct” or “principles of ethnics and integrity.” The entire company by-laws can be discovered in this booklet which is routinely given to new hires and annually to current employees. 2.What kind of company is it within the field of Healthcare? United Health Care is a health care resource for patients and with other business partners. The company is responsible for promoting quality health care to people worldwide. As the health care world evolves, they strive to match the health system with the ever changing technologies. Importantly, this company can be used as a business resource for insurance providers and hospitals. Therefore, reputation is highly valued in the community. 3.What kind of information does the Code of Ethics contain? The Code of Ethnic contains valuable mission statements and visions that describe the company’s foundation. The company’s expectations of employees in the workplace and business related environments can be found detailed thoroughly in this document. Importantly, the characteristics of United Health Care are greatly explained in the “mission statement” section of this booklet. A large section of this booklet is designed to social media. Social media has become an increasingly important communication tool in today’s society; therefore it presents an opportunity...
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