Health Care Delivery System in the United States

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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Health Care Delivery System in the United States
Diana Horton
Trident University
Health Care Delivery Systems
Dr. Thomas Esch
January 19, 2013

Health Care Delivery System in the United States
Introduction: The problem: Access to health care physically and financially, healthcare system in today’s society has failed to provide quality care for the U.S. Americans. There are so many ways that the system falls short in providing proper care. The healthcare is mainly based on the government to provide care for a particular group of people according to their income and not everyone has the same treatment, some having to pay for care through some type of insurance premium. When looking at this system of care, families are all dealing with the same issues in relations to not getting the treatment and quality care that they need. Many providers is having to see more patients in clinics than anticipated in terms causes a shorter visit with patients to address any kind of concerns and with uncoordinated care this leads to decrease in quality care of patients. High risk patients could be an issue for providers, because of the risk of malpractice, and increase of having malpractice insurance therefore providers are reluctant to see these patients which causes the patients to have less options for treatment choices. Healthcare Expenditure: this will continue to increase and families will continue to struggle and stress over how they will pay their medical bills. Healthcare systems are not slowing down on their costs and most of them are not willing to give families an efficient healthcare system for a better quality of care. The healthcare expenditures are increasing and the families incomes are not sufficient to compensate which makes this so stressful and hard for families to afford. When looking at the pharmaceutical spending, this has increased drastically. Medications is continuing to increase in costs, therefore, families are not able to get...
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