Health Care Communication Hcs/230

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Health Care Communication

What is communication? Communication is the process of sharing information, thoughts and feelings between people through speaking, writing or body language. Communication then becomes effective when the information given is understood by the person who it was given to. Communication is vital when it comes to healthcare by effectively providing information to the patients and their families and also conversing with employees in directing proper health care facilities. Communication may be the key to exceptional patient care. The case can be made that good communication is at the heart of patient safety, cultural sensitivity, and the pillar of healthcare. Aligning a patient’s wishes and goals with treatment plans is 50% conveying and 50% listening. •How does effective communication incorporate the basic elements of communication? “If communications accelerated with big developments in medical science—diagnostic and surgical innovations, personalized medicine, and blockbuster drugs—it was spurred on by a trend at least as big: the rise of the healthcare consumer, “(Hicks & Nicols, 2012). It is important to have a good listening and understanding that good listening is often enough. Sometimes the patient or family member actually wants an answer to their question when, indeed, they only want me — as the listener — to listen to them. Before something is said, it should be well thought out and then spoken. When a consumer/patient becomes upset, try to reason with that person by staying calm and always being professional.

How do the basic elements of effective communication differ from the basic rules of health care communication? According to DuPré (2005 pg. 5), “Health communication is shaped by many influences including personal goals, skills, cultural orientation, situational factors, and consideration of other people’s feelings”. The basic elements of effective communication would differ from the basic rules of health care...
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