Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary
Brittany Fender
April 8, 2013
HCS/531 Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems
Jody Sklar

As doctors are put into hospitals to keep patients alive and healthy, Hospital Administrators are put in hospitals to keep the facility alive and healthy. The day- to- day job of a Hospital Administrator is rigorous and detail oriented. He or she was chosen to keep the hospital operating efficiently, within budget while keeping many parties happy at the same time. Hospital Administrators work long and odd hours, possibly even coming in on call to resolve and issue they may not be able to wait. As doctors are on call for their patients’ problems; Hospital Administrators are on call for the entire hospitals problems (The Princeton Review, 2013).

The services that the Hospital Administrator provides are numerous; however, three vital services include: employee evaluations, public relations, and program development. Workforce roles within the public relations service includes: appearing at professional conventions and meetings as the face of the facility, appearing at public events as the spokesperson of the facility, and facilitate interaction with the hospital and the community (Wolfe, 2013). Workforce roles within the program development service include: development of new methods of treatment for the facility, engaging in new techniques, and possibly helping develop new managerial structures to help increase performance (Wolfe, 2013). Program development starts with identifying a problem either for the patient or the provider and coming up with a solution to resolve the problem.

Employee evaluations are a vital service to the hospital because they administrator works long and hard at recruiting, interviewing,...
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