Health Care Around the World

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  • Published : February 15, 2011
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Health Care around the World
Megan Schofield
Axia College

Health Care around the World
While here in the United States we struggle with what is right and wrong in Our world of health care some countries seem to have it all worked out, or at least a good system going. For this paper I looked into the health care world of Italy, since I have a ton of close family in the northern part of Italy I thought I would learn how their health care system works. The other country I looked into is the Dubai. I have been intrigued by this country, with the loads of riches and when I learned that they have to pay a year’s rent upfront. With the crazy money this country has I wonder what their health care system looks like. Looking into the Health Care world in Italy seems like they have a pretty good system going on. Like our no child left behind act in schools here in America, Italy has a no one left behind system for health care. If you live in country in Italy you must have health insurance, either from a private provider or what is provided nationwide. Once you are registered in the health care system you are issued a health care card and a health care number, this is your ticket to free doctor visits in Italy. Being employed in Italy has a huge plus, in that your employer is obliged to pay for your health insurance. If you are even to visit Italy you must have a health care plan set in place in case you should need care on your visit to the country. Private insurance is better than the insurance that is just the standard issued. If you are privately insured in Italy you go to a privately insured hospital that can be compared to a five star hotel, choose your own doctors, and have better care facilities. The state issued insurance has lower grade facilities, a hospital room may have three to six beds to a room, single rooms can be provided but you will be charged a fee. Having to wait for appointments are normal and your doctor will be issued to you there will be...
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