Health Care and Clay County Florida

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HAT/Community Health Nursing

Clay County Florida Description
Clay County is nestled along the banks of the majestic St Johns River in Northeast Florida. It encompasses Fleming Island, Green Cove Springs (seat of counties government), Keystone Heights, Middleburg and Orange Park. It is 601 square miles, it has 46 square miles of water among its’ many lakes and rivers as well as many miles of undeveloped wood land. Community Description

Clay County 2010 population was 190,865. Populations’ are 81.8% White, 9.9% Black or African American, and 5.8% Asian, American Indian 0.5%, Pacific Islander 0.1%, other 1.9%. The highest proportion of its’ residents are in both the 45-64 and 25-44 age groups, accounting for 27% and 26% respectively, and more than half of the county population combined, youth ages 14 and under make up 21% and residents over 65 make up 11%. According to the 2010 census bureau the average household income was 61,057.00, all ages in poverty was 11.3%, individuals under age 18 was 16.1% , ages 5-17 in families was 13.7%. There has been a slow and steady increase in the number of both families and individuals qualifying for public assistance from 2000-2008; there has been a 23.8% increase from 2008-2009, 765 individuals and 513 families are receiving public assistance population (2012). Clay county was home to a civilian labor force of 96,322 as of June 2010, of those 10.3% were unemployed, 30% of the population has no health insurance. According to the Community Health Status the top leading causes of death in Clay County were cancers 358, heart disease 257, Respiratory disease 107, unintentional injuries 76, stroke 65, diabetes mellitus 44, and Alzheimer’s disease 37, suicide 28, chronic liver disease 25, and pneumonia/influenza 21. The communicable disease mortality rates are enteric disease at 84, vaccine preventable diseases 5, sexually transmitted diseases 341, viral hepatitis 4, and HIV/AIDS at 3. Infant mortality was 14 during 2006-2008 and live births were 13 per 1,000 population (Community Health 2010). In Clay County there are an estimated 7,644 adults and 3,750 youth suffering from significant mental illness (Health 11/2012). According to the 2010 Clay County community census, residents were asked to rate the quality of health services in Clay County, 49% good, 34% fair, 7% excellent, 5% poor and 5% said I don’t know. The highest barrier to getting healthcare in 2010 was the inability to afford to pay for doctor/hospital visits at 40%, the long waits for appointments and services 28%, lack of evening and weekend services 27%, 26% of people said they didn’t have any barriers to healthcare, other barriers included lack of transportation, not having a healthcare provider and can’t find providers that except their insurance. When asked how their healthcare was covered 42% said from their job, 26% couldn’t afford insurance, 15% Medicaid, 15% Medicare, 10% Military or VA benefits, 10% pay their own health insurance and 5% said other means (Quick Facts 11/2012). Neighborhood/Community safety

Clay County has three police departments’ with 374 sworn deputy sheriffs and 45 sworn city police officers’, their fire department has 12 fire stations, 11 fire chiefs, 65 officers and 39 firefighters. The average emergency response time according to the Clay County sheriff office in 2011 from first received to first arrived was 8 minutes and 27 seconds, for average routine calls the response time from first received to first arrive was 15 minutes and 44 seconds (State Profile 11/2012). Clay County crime statistics for 2011 with a population of 191,143 for violent crimes was 775, nonviolent 4,761, domestic violence 892. Violent crimes consisted of murder 5, forcible sex offences 115, robbery 110, aggravated assault 545, nonviolent crimes, burglary 986, larceny 3,608, and motor vehicle theft 167, arson was at 28 with 13 being in single occupied homes (Crime...
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