Health Care and Affordable Care Act

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  • Published : March 10, 2012
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In this day and age where the cost of living is rapidly escalating higher and higher and the unemployment rates are just as high. A great amount of Americans just cannot come up with the money for health insurance; consequently health and wellbeing are placed on the back burner, generally so that they can focus on what Psychologist Abraham Maslow called “Physiological needs” needs that are primitive to a person’s survival such as but not limited to shelter, food, and sleep. Thus, Many citizens much rather worry about providing food for their families, and paying their essential utility bills just to try and stay afloat without any costly medical bills. Often they may have physical ailments that they must overlook and assimilate too, largely due to the extremely high cost of seeing a physician, and the lofty health care insurance premiums rendering most Americas unable to seek notable medical attention. The government sought to fix this problem and made an attempt by proposing a health care reform bill. After all the votes were tallied and The 111th United States Congress gave the green light, President Barack Obama enacted into law on Tuesday march 23, 2010 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also known as Obama care. This piece of legislature was created with the propos of providing all citizens with the ability to access medical care regardless of age, pre-existing medical conditions, and health insurance coverage. The bill would take a total of 10 years to be fully executed into effect; subsequently with each year drawing closer to 2019. Immediately after the passage of the health care bill, it has faced a great deal of opposition and became one of the most disputed topics around the nation it went under fire questioning the Constitutionality, the quality of care under the bill, and the retention of pre- existing health care converge. While both supporters and opponents of the PPACA bill have set forth a great deal of information...
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