Health Belief Model - Health Promotion Model - Obesity in Adolescents

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  • Published: January 29, 2010
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Help Belief Model (HBM) - - Hochbaum, Rosenstock, & Kegals (1950)

Perceived Susceptibility
One’s opinion of chances of getting a condition
Teenager’s who were deemed overweight or obese would more than likely be only too aware of the Social and Psychological aspects and not the ramifications of their morbidity rate lowing by their condition and the ensuing health problems in later life. The data and facts above speak for themselves and provision of these to Teenager’s will help them make a learned response. Provide them the statistics on the growing trend of overweight and obesity within Teenagers show them they are not alone so that they will not feel so isolated, hopefully improving moral and self esteem. Provide them with the facts and figures on morbidity rates, what health issues are going to arise. Make them aware of food and nutrition and educate them on how it can be changed, especially if they have been overweight from childhood whereupon they might not have had any control on what they ate. Help them understand as individuals the responsibility of food intake and physical activity, showing them that it does not take much effort to become more active and just commence with a walk 20 minutes a day. Make them aware that it is not their fault they are the way they are and it is a trend within society that has brought about the inactivity. However, it must be stressed to them they do have a choice now on how to live their lives. Perceived Severity

One’s opinion of how serious a condition and its consequences are The consequences of the risk of carrying on their current behaviour to their weight and lack of inactivity will result in early Death and the need for Medical Intervention if not already in place. Help them to write down and be aware of their current food consumption. Show them a computerised picture of another youth adding pounds on them over the years and how the ration and control of calorie intake of food and lack of inactivity will just keep adding on the weight putting them at greater risk.. Perceived Benefits

One’s belief in the efficacy of the advised action to reduce risk or seriousness of impact Empower teenagers to make a choice on food intake by supplying them and/or educating them on healthy food types and calorie content in normal foods as well as soft drinks intake and how just a little bit of exercise each day i.e. walking can benefit them and encourage non competitive physical activities. Good nutrition in general can help them not only with the health benefits in the long term but also short term as in the skin’s better, improved energy, improved memory. Higher self esteem that they will feel when the weight is dropped. There are lots of evidence based schemes about: we are incorporating a questionnaire on food intake and also access to cook books within our leaflet. This alongside a community run effort should help. Overall to encourage an awareness of types of food eating and there calorific content and developing an active lifestyle that can be maintained throughout life. Perceived Barriers

One’s opinion of the tangible and psychological costs of the advised action Initially you would have to determine if the teenager has a pre-disposition to obesity within there family, environment and/or within there genes then this will have many barriers to take into consideration and you would have to consider there environment, culturally and family support as well as the pressures the individual may be facing sociologically: Does there family eat healthily, if not then there is an even bigger issue on as to whether you can change the diet of all the family members, that also goes for culturally defined foods. Can they afford to eat healthy and cut out cheaper less nutritional foods? Would there family and friends support them.

Does the persons friends eat frequently at fast food places. Are they prepared to opt for say an apple...
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