Health Assessment

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Hypertension Pages: 5 (1511 words) Published: December 14, 2012
My Health Assessment
Ashleigh R. Holden
Kean University

This assessment was performed on a 41 years old female with an average health. The patient is having some right hip pain and some limited ROM. She was a pleasant woman with a great understanding of her own health and her family health history. CK is slightly overweight, smokes and does not exercise enough. She is the mother of two children and the wife to RK for 15 years. Her mother is still alive and in healthy condition and has no surviving grandparents. CK has 2 brothers and no sisters. Her culture does not influence her life style nor does it cause her to perform in any health related rituals. After completion of the assessment, CK is aware of her risk factors and is taking action to correct these.


CK was born on December 7, 1970 in Palm Beach Gardens, FL to JH and NH. Her family moved to NJ when she was three, shortly before the birth of her first brother. She is one of three, with two younger brothers. Her parents raised them in Bayville, NJ where her father died at the age of 39 due to a fatal heart attack. Her mother and father did not keep in close contact with their extended family. She had her first child at the age of 17, was married at the age of 26, and had her second child at the age of 27. She is currently the office manager for Toms River Cardiology Associates in Forked River, NJ. She has been employed there for 18 years. She attended a year or so of college around the age of 25, but she has not completed her nursing degree that she was initially working on. Her husband and herself own the home they live in and are financially comfortable with their lifestyle.

CK has had some minor health issues in the past years but nothing that she feels is detriment to her life. While she has Diverticulosis and Bi-Polar 2 disorder (Manic Depression), she is not currently suffering from any symptoms. She is also a recovering alcoholic with over 2 years of sobriety. CK’s nutritional intake is at a satisfactory level with room for some improvement. She is well aware of her health risk factors and is educated on how to improve if she so wishes to. CK actually quoted Orem in saying, “I think it was Orem who said, ‘Self-care is an action that I perform for myself, for my own sake, for my life, health, and well being’ as I see fit.” (also referenced in: (George, 2011)). It was surprising to hear that she herself follows one of the many Nursing theorists that are still practiced in hospitals today.

Family Health Profile

CK’s father was born an only child in June of 1945 and passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 39 years (1984), leaving his wife NH, age 42, the oldest daughter CK, age of 14, the middle son JH, age 11, and the youngest son PH, age 3. He was a heavy, habitual drinker and smoker. He suffered from hypertension, high cholesterol and heart disease. There are also possibilities that CK’s father may have been emotionally distant and a neglectful father/husband. CK’s attitude changed when discussing her father’s life. She was short and to the point. A smaller possibility would be that he may have been verbally/physically abusive, but the two topics were quickly closed for discussion. Unfortunately, CK’s paternal grandparents died at very young ages. Some of her paternal grandparents birthdates, death dates and ages were unknown to her and she was not able to obtain them. CK’s paternal grandmother died (cause unknown) when CK’s father was only 3 years old (1948) and her paternal grandfather died from a heart attack when CK’s father was 19 years old (1964). There is very little known about her farher’s family health history due to the early death of her father as well. CK’s mother, NH, was also born an only child in June of 1946 and still survives today. She is a survivor of breast cancer, which she was...
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