Health and Fitness= Motivation and Attitude

Topics: Brain, Philosophy of mind, Mind Pages: 8 (3236 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Nicole Pinzon
Counseling 110
Ms. Pierucci
Balance- The Key to Success

“Success means different things, to different people, at different times” but it’s still a goal that each person wants to strive for and reach. Success is a good feeling. It gives each person that reaches it a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Therefore if this feeling is so great, then why is it so difficult to try to achieve? This answer varies from person to person, but a key factor in being able to reach success is through the way people live their lives. Too often the college student minimizes their true potential by simply not treating their body and life the right way. By meeting the needs of the body, mind, and spirit, a college student can achieve a better attitude, strong motivation, and eventually gratifying success.

Too many college students see college not as an institute of higher learning, but as an institute of fun. This can be true to an extent but the extreme is very dangerous. Students attend “party schools” that are known for their crazy throw downs and enter into college thinking the main goal is to experiment with their newfound freedom. Part of this freedom entails going to parties, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, experimenting with drugs, and staying up till the break of dawn. A college student’s true best friend is coffee and red bull, right? Wrong, very wrong. False myths such as this one lead to dangerous habits that can hinder a students learning experience. Alcohol is one of the most likely drugs to be found on a college campus. When drinking alcohol, one may feel more energized and happy, but alcohol is actually a depressant. In large quantities alcohol, impairs motor function in the brain. It causes slurred speech and uncontrolled movement, and can cause such events as “blackouts”, or Anterograde Amnesia, in which the person loses their memory before and after an episode of drinking. Long-term affects of alcohol drinking include, liver and digestive system damage, and even brain cell loss and dysfunction. Although alcohol may be the most common it is not the only one. Drugs such as marijuana, Adderall, or Vicodin can be addictive and damage the body. All these harmful recreations combine to form very harmful side effects such as sleep deprivation, improper nutrition, loss of energy, depression, severe stress, and ultimately nervous breakdowns. Sleep is not an option for successful brain function. It replenishes oxygen to the brain, constructs new energy transmitters and receivers that help with learning, and most importantly leaves the mind refreshed, alert, and ready to learn. Lack of sleep results in: sluggishness, lack of concentration, and a bad attitude. Since attitude affects everything we see, hear, and do, lack of sleep leaves the student ill tempered and cranky. This induces unnecessary stress on the student, and stress is like water on an iron nail. It erodes the student slowly. Stress brings on feelings such as anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. In his book P.O.W.E.R. Learning, Robert S. Feldman states that during stressful situations, “Our hearts beat faster, our breathing, becomes more rapid and shallow, and we produce more sweat. Our internal organs churn out a variety of hormones. In the long run, these physical responses wear down our immune system, our body’s defense against the disease” (369). In short, an overload of stress affects the body and mind negatively. This erosion of well-being is harmful to a college student. Personal matters and university level classes make high demands on the life of these students and all steps to prevent failure should be memorized, learned, and practiced. Without proper care of the body and mind a student will greatly hinder their path to success, the end goal. Students must understand how to have a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve the most rewarding experience out of life. However, in order to achieve a rewarding experience of life, a student must...
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