Health and wellness

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  • Published : December 10, 2014
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 Health and wellness

1. We have all heard the saying “health is wealth”. Of what good would it be to have all the money in the world but not be healthy to enjoy it or be stricken down a genetic disease, a heart condition and so on. Health per my own terms is when all the parts of the body work harmoniously with one another. Wellness is known as the process of adopting patterns of behavior that lead to better health and greater life satisfaction encompassing several dimensions like physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and environmental.

every living creature faces some kind weakness no matter how strong they might be. In regards to the wellness wheel, personally I am a strong person, at 6ft 2 and athletic I look tough but my sole weakeness is stamina. Socially I usually prefer keeping to my self. Intellectually, my weakness would be the fact that I am not great with science, enviromentally, I usually get influenced by society. Emotionally, I usually put too much care and effort into whatever I am doing.

2. By normative values, I understand it is the way things should or ought to be. By that I believe every one should have access to good health and when it comes to that I can say my family has been blessed. Genetic inheritance has been without flaws in my family has been without flaws. I hope this trend continues. I would include the dates of birth and deaths of my grand parents but I am not sure about being accurate. There has never been a case of cancer, heart disease, blindness or any other signigicant diseases that affect genes.

I expect to live for long time but with these unforeseen circumstances around society I leave that to the hands of God. 3. Stress is inevitable in life. I stress everyday with a full time job working with special needs kids and going to school full time, I always have a plate full...