Health and Wellness

Topics: Cancer, Nutrition, Medicine Pages: 4 (1362 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Health and Wellness
Ronnie Corley, Travis Jackson, Tiny Elmore
April 4, 2013
Dr. Wytisha S. Carter

Health and Wellness
Health and wellness are both major parts in our lives. Although health and wellness are keys in living a long life, a lot of people are ill, have unhealthy habits, are obese, and are out of shape. Three top elements of health and wellness we would like to increase in society would have to be exercise, eating healthy, and health awareness.

Exercise is a good way to keep your body moving. There are many different types of exercises that work out many parts of the body such as push-ups, which works out your arms, and sit-ups, which works out your abdomen. Exercise is very good for working out the heart.

Eating healthy should be number one, because if you exercise and don’t eat right, then you could possibly be canceling out your exercise with all of the excess calories that you are putting into your body. Eating healthy things, such as fruits and vegetables in a balanced diet can really make a difference in the long run. Look at it like this, when you are younger, your parents use to tell you eat your vegetables and drink your milk so you can grow big and strong. Well as a young adult, you are still growing where old cells are diminishing, and you need fuel to continue this process. That’s what these different vitamins and nutrients are for.

If you are not aware of your health or health hazards, it’s time to aware yourself. You have to be mindful of what you put in your body. Have you ever heard of the saying, “you are what you eat?” For example, if you eat a bunch of sugary foods, then you will get a quick sugar rush, and later on crash and feel lazy. But if you eat a serving of fruit, vegetable, and a couple more healthy choices, you will feel more energized and aware of your day. It is also a good idea to get frequent check-ups and physicals. This will let you know how your health is from a professional, and what better...
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