Health and Social Unit 1

Topics: Feeling, The Conversation, Care of residents Pages: 4 (943 words) Published: May 29, 2013
What factors influence communication?
Use pages 63 to 65 to complete this chart

|Factors |Factors | |Noise |Noise can influence communication in a negative or positive way. If there is too much noise then the service user is going to find it hard what is being said in the | |[pic] |conversation and it is going to be hard to understand or make sense of what is told to the service users. | | |For example when it is too noisy and when a care worker is giving information, the service user might of not herd exactly what is being said and may receive | | |incorrect information. This could lead to service users making the wrong decision. It is important, that the noise is kept to a minimum level when having a | | |conversation with a service user. | | |If it is too quiet the service user might not be willing to express their feeling to the care worker or the volunteer, there for the service user is afraid that | | |someone outside might be listening to their conversation that they are talking about. | | |For example when the service user is talking to the care worker, the service is...
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