Health and Social Care Unit 3

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  • Published: September 10, 2013
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Unit 3- health and wellbeing
Health and wellbeing meanings come in three forms-holistic, positive and negative. Health and wellbeing’s meaning cannot be fixed because health means different things to different people, and your intellectual thinking of health can change from day to day; depending on your experiences you go through. Literally the word health comes from an old English word meaning “the state of being hale, sound or whole, in body mind or soul”. This tells us that our thinking of health is not just about our physical pain we feel but also emotional feelings. For example someone could be eating their 5 a day and exercising every day to keep fit, so their physically healthy but they might’ve been through a lot of emotional things such as death of loved ones all of the sudden and to her health doesn’t meaning anything because she is emotionally not happy. She might think that she’s not healthy when someone asks her because she’s be through a lot of emotional things so all she can think of is her worries and may not concentrate on her diet that she is eating healthy and doing exercise. The World Health Organization is an agency of the United Nations (UN) that co-ordinates international public health service. They have also likewise said that the meaning of health cannot be fixed because different people have different intellectual thinking of health depending on their experiences. But they have agreed upon the meaning of health and wellbeing as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. There are 6 factors which might affect our health from day to day and probably change our intellectual thinking of health as well. This can affect us positively or negatively , an example of a social factor is, someone could be physically really fit and health but they might not have any friends to socialize with, and they might also not attempt to go out and find a friend because...
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