Health and Social Care Practice and Provision

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In this piece of coursework I will select two demographic factors which have influenced the planning and provision of services. I will use written expression which uses appropriate specialist vocabulary to comprehensively describe how relevant demographic trends are used to assess local needs and inform the planning and provision of services.

I will then produce a comprehensive description of the planning of services and finally give a comprehensive explanation of the influence of national and local standards, targets and objectives on the planning and provision of services. Task sheet

A welfare state

William Beveridge proposed setting up a welfare state with social security, NHS, free education, council housing and full employment. After the war, the labour government tried to make this vision come true. The issues that needed to be tackled were want, disease, ignorance, squalor, idleness. Class notes

During my lifetime I have used many services that provide health and social care such as hospitals, nursery, doctors, playgroups, schools, health visitors, etc. We have all used some of these health care providers and found that the quality of life has improved as a result. Class notes

There are four sectors providing health and social care in the UK, public sector, voluntary sector, private sector, informal sector. For example an elderly person treated by the NHS in a hospital but at home she receives informal care from her family- informal and public. Class notes

Mixed economy of care
During the 1980s the Concervative government were faced with the problem of maintaining the NHS whilst keeping costs down. This was caused by three things happening at the same time: an aging population, the rising cost of new medical technology, and increasing public expectations of the NHS. Class notes

The government did not want to raise taxes therefore it turned to the idea of ‘market forces’. Markets are all about buying and selling of goods and services. To have a market you need more than one seller so the buyer has a choice of who to buy from. To get the best value for our money we all shop around. Class notes

In relation to health and social care services the NHS was split into separate purchasers (buyers) and providers (sellers). For example G.P’s become purchasers and hospitals become providers. Purchasers shop around for the best value health care for their patients. Also, instead of most services being provided by statutory services, the focus moved towards private and voluntary services. Class notes

This system appealed to Mrs Thatcher because it: created competition, created choice, cut costs and saved money. Class notes

The decision to split up the NHS into an internal market was one of the biggest and most radical in history. The scheme came into operation in 1991 and a similar approach is in operation today. Class notes

How democratic trends are used to assess local needs and plan for services

‘Swansea is a vibrant place with some of the most beautiful natural surroundings in the country. Our aim is that the 229,100 people who live in Swansea will be supported to live longer, healthier lives’. Health, social care and well-being strategy 2011-2014

Swansea is a Unitary Authority located at the Western End of the former industrial region of South Wales and is the regional centre of South West Wales. It covers 378 square kilometres and is a mixture of coastal landscapes, open moor land, rural villages and a university city. Over 80% of Swansea is some form of green space. Swansea has a population of 229,100. The population has been gradually increasing since 2001, averaging increases of just over 800 people per annum. Health, social care and well-being strategy 2011-2014

Currently nearly one in five people are over 65 years in Swansea. The population is expected to age further as life expectancy increases. Many older people remain...
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