Health and Social Care - P2

Topics: Abuse, Discrimination, Bullying Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Assignment 1 – Task 2 (P2)

Below I have written about ‘types of discriminatory practise’ and examples of it in health and social care.

Infringement of rights| Not respecting an individual’s rights and not letting them practise their culture. This can lead to individuals feeling devalued and very sad, which will affect their health. For example a child within a school was museum and due to his religion he had to pray once during school. The school didn’t put aside time for him to do this. This affected his families view towards the school and made them feel devalued. | Covert and overt abuse of power| Covert- This is hidden abuse of power to discriminate. Health care professionals may treat someone differently from someone else. This means that a person may not get the same level of treatment, which may jeopardise their health and well-being. For example two people are applying for a job, with the same experience and qualifications. One may not get shortlisted because of their sexuality.Overt- This type of discrimination is clearer than covert it also has similar outcomes to covert discrimination. If the health care user notices that they are being discriminated against, it will have a negative effect on their health. For example someone may be getting paid less than someone who is a different gender but they are both doing the same job with the same qualifications. | Prejudice | This can include negative, preconceived ideas about an individual, arising from a person’s negative ideas about that individual. This can affect someone’s health. For example someone working in a care home could have spiked hair and with face rings, the majority of staff and people living there have negative judgement without knowing what they are actually like. | Stereotyping | This is assumptions made about an individual’s, which could affect their health as the comment made, may knock their confidence and they may stop eating and...
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