Health and Social Care Nvq Leval 3

Topics: Translation, Language, UCI race classifications Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: June 28, 2012


Getting to know each other
Obtaining and receiving information
Expressing and sharing ideas, feelings, wishes, preferences and needs


Team work, Participation, Support, Trust, Empathy, Understanding, Recording and reporting, Service provision.


Beliefs, values, culture, methods, ways i.e. Written words, eye contact, facial expressions, touch, vocabulary, pitch.


Words and phrase that mean one thing to one person may mean something completely different to another. Also words that mean one thing in one language may mean something different in another language for example Spanish and Italian are different languages but there are a lot of words that mean the same thing in both languages the same as there are a lot of words that mean one thing in one language and something completely different in the other. Also a highly educated person may know a meaning for a word that an under educated person is using to mean something else.


Not making communication aids available or checking they are working, a noisy environment, not understanding or being aware of an individual’s needs, wishes, beliefs, values and culture, a lack of privacy, an uncomfortable environment e.g. lighting, temperature, different language, use of jargon


Individual’s care plan, individual’s communication profile, individual’s communication, passport, individual themselves, colleagues, key worker, translator, interpreter, speech and language therapist, advocate, family or carers. translation services, interpreting services, speech and language services, advocacy services


Confidentiality is closely interwoven with the concept of privacy. Every individual has the right to privacy. Privacy requires that facts or information which have been shared by someone with another party remain private and are not disclosed without the permission of the person who gave them. Keeping information private and safe, passing on private information...
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