Health and Social Care Level 3 Btec

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Discuss theories or communication

The theories of communication are the argyle’s stage of communication and the tuckman’s stage of group interaction.

Argyles stage of communication

The communication cycle -

Communication is a two way process in which each person tries to understand the view point of the other. Communication is like a cycle this is because when two people are communicating they need to make sure their ideas have been understood. Michael argyle argued that interpersonal communication is a skill that can be learned and developed. Argyle also said that social skills involves a cycle in which you must decode what others are communicating an you must adapt your behaviour to be able to communicate. Verbal and non-verbal communication is not a straight forward thing. The communication cycle involves a code that must be translated. You must work out what the other persons behaviour means.

Ideas occur -

This is when you have an idea you want to communicate.

Message coded -

This is where you think through how you are going to say what you are thinking. You also put your thoughts into a language or into some sort of code such as sign language.

Message sent -

This stage is where you speak, sign, write or send your message in some sort of way.

Message received -

This is where the other person has a sense of your message I.e. they hear or see your symbols.

Message decoded -

This is where the other person decodes your message. This can be quit difficult as the other person may make assumptions about what you have said or your body language.

Message understood -

If all the previous as gone well they will have understood your meassge it may take more then one attempt.

Tuckmans stage of group interaction

Communication within groups is influenced by how people feel they belong. When a group first comes together they normally go through a process known as group formation. Groups will face...
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