Health and Social Care Level 3 Assign3

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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3.1 Analyse why life expectancy has increase over the last century. Life expectancy in the human race has risen dramatically in the past century reaching its highest level for both male and female on record. Between 1981 and 2002 life expectancy at age 50 increases by four and a half years for men and three years for women and two years respectively. By 2002 women who were age of 65 could expect to live to the age of 84 while men could expect to live to the age of 81. The primary reason for the vast increase in life expectancy in developed countries in the 20th century is universal clean drinking water and very high level of public and personal hygiene. These two improvements account for probably 80%of the life expectancy. Overall life expectancy increased due to 6 mayor factors 1. Clean drinking water

2. Universal sanitation
3. Significantly improved nutrition, particularly during infancy and childhood 4. Vaccination against most common epidemic diseases
5. Access to high-quality trauma (accident and emergency ) care 6. Improved drugs ( particularly, antibiotic)
3.2 Examine the main causes of mortality in men aged 65- 84. The leading causes of mortality in men over the age of 65 are also among most common causes of death among the population are as a whole. Many of these conditions are also highly preventable and treatable. Here are the top six main causes of mortality in men over 65. * Heart Disease: Heart disease is the number one cause of death among adults over the age of 60. Heart disease includes conditions such as heart failure heart attack and heart arrhythmia that can cause the heart to beat ineffectively and impair circulation. Heart disease is associated with or caused by diabetes, high blood pressure , smoking, improper diet and lack of exercise. * Cancer: cancer is second leading cause of death among seniors. It includes all cancers including breast cancer, colon cancer, and skin cancer. Also include are the...
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