Health and Social Care Diploma Level 3

Topics: Hygiene, Food safety, Food Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Task B
Risk assessments are put in place to identify a possible risk, evaluates the likelihood of risk and identifies how to minimise the risk or make the situation as safe as possible. In some cases, upon completing a risk assessment, the activity or situation being assessed could be deemed too much of a risk because the likelihood of the service user putting their own life or someone else’s life in danger is very high. Although the service user has the right to take risks, you also have a duty of care to ensure they do not endanger their own safety or someone else’s safety. In James’ case, the concerns expressed from his mother about having limited experience living independently are a mothers instinct, and if she feels her son could possibly endanger himself she is quite rightly going to want to protect him and avoid it from happening, but James is also an adult and has the right to make his own choices and take risks and will only gain experience by actually living independently. A risk assessment could be put in place to perhaps give James a higher level of support in his own place when he first moves, and then gradually decrease the amount of support he needs as his experience and knowledge of living independently increases, this will also gradually build his confidence and promote his independence. The same could apply to the concerns about his health and safety in the kitchen and food hygiene, you could have a risk assessment that varies the level of support he requires as his knowledge and experience increases. If agreed to by James, he could also enrol on a food safety and hygiene course and a course on living independently. This should help to ease the mother’s worries as James won’t be left completely independent until he has built up a knowledge and experience of living independently. Bii

Food safety is extremely important in a social care setting, some of the main points of food safety are: * Cleaning: Before attempting to prepare any...
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