Health and Social Care

Topics: United Kingdom, Minority group, Ethnic group Pages: 4 (1006 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Unit 7

P3: explain patterns and trends of health and illness among different social groupings.

Government findings
According to the January 2007 report by the parliamentary office of science and technology why are some ethnic minority groups at more risk of ill health than others. Black and minority ethnic (BME) groups generally have worse health than the overall population, although some BME groups fare much worse than others do, and patterns vary from one health condition to the next. Evidence suggests that the poorer socio-economic position of BME groups is the main factor driving ethnic health inequalities. Several policies have aimed to tackle health inequalities in recent years, although to date, ethnicity has not been a consistent focus.

Ethnicity results from various aspects of variation, which are socially and politically vital in the UK. These include race; culture; religion and nationality, which impact on a person’s identity and how other individuals’ observe them. Identification with ethnic groups is at many different levels. They may see themselves to be: British, Asian, Indian, Punjabi and Glaswegian at different times and in different circumstances.

Ethnic health inequalities
large extent surveys reminiscent of the Health Survey for England exhibit that Black and minority ethnic groups (BME) as a whole are expected to account ill health. Among the BME this begins at a younger age than the White British. There is more deviation in the rates of some diseases by ethnicity than other socio-economic factors. On the other hand, patterns of ethnic variation in health are particularly diverse, and inter-link with a lot of overlapping factors:

oSome BME groups experience worse health than others. For example, surveys commonly show that Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Black-Caribbean people report the poorest health, with Indian, East African Asian and Black African people reporting the same health as White British, and Chinese...
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