Health and Safety Roles

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Week 12: Roles and responsibilities

Prepare to discuss the differences in the roles and responsibilities of the manager, employer, employee and owner of an organisation of your choice in respect of health and safety. Note: it is essential that you identify the differences and similarities between these roles / titles) Suggested sources:

HMSO HSE website
Any Health and Safety Book FORBES
Cruise ships, as well as all vessels plying the Navigable waters of the world are subject to strict Maritime Rules and regulations including, Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations, Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping (STCW), The International Safety Management (ISM) rules, and most importantly, the Rule of the Sea whereby the Master and officers and crew never abandon the ship until all passengers and crew are accounted for, and everything possible has been done to save them.

HSE Executive
The Executive:
ensures that a member of the Executive is available for out-of-hours notifications of major incidents •decides if the incident should be categorised as 'major' by consulting with relevant head(s) of Division/Directorate, the Chair of the HSC, the Commission and Ministers, as appropriate, on the nature of the incident and the proposed action When considering whether to declare a major incident, the Executive will consider the following points: •the significance of the event

any separate investigations by other regulatory bodies
the involvement of other regulatory bodies in the investigation •the effect of the investigation on HSE as a whole and the Directorate's/Division's programme of work •the concerns of the Commission, ministers, other government departments, devolved administrations and regulatory...
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