Health and Safety Essay

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Hello everyone, I’m the manager of the restaurant. First, I would like to say welcome to all of you. Today, as a part of the orientation program, my job is to make sure that all the new staffs, including chefs, kitchen hands and waiters are informed of the safety in workplace in the hospitality industry. I’ll also talk about the hazards you need to be careful of while working in a restaurant.

Please put your hands up if you are under 24. One, two…there’re four of you! Did you know that Hospitality Industry workers under the age of 24 are the most likely to get injured during their first year at work? It is true and in some severe cases, these injuries, unfortunately, causes deaths. We don’t want that to happen to any one of you, that’s why YOU need to take this seriously and follow the instructions I’m about to give you.

If you look at the brochure I’ve given you prior this morning, you’ll see that there’s the list of dangers that could happen in a workplace. Some of these might sound silly, but remember that ANYTHING can happen. We have had this kind of accident before, and I think it’s a good example of why we shouldn’t be careless. It’s about one of our previous kitchen hands, this boy had been working with the restaurant for about 5 months. One of his jobs is to put the pork meat into the grinding machine at the back. (*point at where the machine is*) As you can see, it’s very sharp so you need to be extremely careful when you use it. This boy, however, was not aware of this and one day he accidentally ground his fingers into that machine. The outcome is as terrible as you may have thought, he lost 2 of his fingers. So, that’s the story I want all of you to know. Now, let’s move on, shall we?

Let’s look at some of the things that you need to be careful of while working in a workplace. If you’ve just swept the floors, please do tell other workers because slippery floors will cause you to, well, slipped, but that’s not all! What if you try to grab a hold...
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