Health and Safety Assigntment

Topics: Childhood, Risk, Occupational safety and health Pages: 7 (2764 words) Published: December 12, 2012
CYP CORE 3.4 Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety Awareness of Healthy and Safety is one of the most important factors in all workplaces. Safety is an essential basic human need, and it is vital that we allow everyone to feel as safe and secure as possible in life. So that there is a low risk of someone becoming hurt or ill, it is important to ensure the environment is safe before allowing anyone to work on the premises. We must be aware of how to provide a safe, healthy environment for children and young people, without risk of accident or emergencies taking place. When planning a healthy, safe environment for children and young people, it is essential to take a number of factors into consideration. These factors are; the age and developmental capabilities of the children or young people, specific needs of children and young people, the needs of families and carers, the function and purpose of the environments and services provided the duty of care, line of responsibility, and desired outcomes for children and young people. It is vital however, to begin all planning with the needs of each individual child or young person. It is important to remember every child is an individual, and although a lot of the planning for a healthy safe environment is common sense, it is essential we look at the factors closely to ensure nothing is missed in planning. The age and developmental capabilities of the child or young person are a basic factor in providing health and safety. If you are providing a caring environment for babies, the room in which they are being cared for in must be warm, and have facilities for hygienically changing nappies. If you are providing an outdoor play area for older children, it needs to be planned to ensure minimum risk, and allow vigorous physical play. When providing the essential care for children and young people with specific needs, such as someone who has a disability, the child must have full access to available activities. That means that it is essential to ensure activities are planned so as to be in accordance to all children in your care. The environment in which the setting is within must suit the individual, which means sometimes having to adapt the layout and equipment to ensure specific needs are met. Recognising the needs of families and carers of the children is a basic planning need. If a setting has an outbreak of an infectious disease, such as measles, for the health and wellbeing of a parent who is pregnant, it would be advisable to inform them of this outbreak, and encourage them to take their child out of the setting, so as not to cause any complications within the pregnancy. Also, if there was an outbreak of Head Lice in a nursery or school, practitioners MUST inform parents or carers, so that they can check and treat their children, to prevent the spread within nursery and their own families health. When planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor activities, it is important to remember that not all settings are built for the purpose. This means that the environment may be shared between two workplace organisations, for example a playgroup at a church hall, which is also used on a night for a Badminton Club. They must arrange between them that equipment is put away effectively so that the setting can function as a safe, healthy environment for both organisations. When working with children and young people, we have a duty of care towards them. This means that we must show a responsibility towards them, so as to act in the best of their interest. The health and safety needs of the children must override principle when planning. In the Every Child Matters scheme, two of the desired outcomes for children are ‘Stay Safe’ and ‘Be Healthy’. All settings must pay close attention to the statuary desired outcomes which are relevant to the age range of children whom they are providing for. This means that practitioners must ensure that they are giving children the best...
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