Health and Safety and Security in Health and Social Care

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Geriatrics, Health care Pages: 9 (3001 words) Published: June 25, 2012
This is Hollyfield’s induction pack. Within this packet as you read along you will find guidance on hazards as you will be performing and carrying out duties within a new environment. Hollyfield’s is an elderly day care home. Here we have approximately 30 members of staff who work here. The age range between our staff is 18-49. In addition to this we also have the great opportunity to have 3 students from Matthew Boulton College that are here for on-going placement. We have 19 Bedrooms, 9 male and 10 female. These bedrooms are split into two sections, North oak and South oak. Around the setting of Hollyfield’s, there is a car park and a Cul De Sac that leads to a main Busy road. On this busy road you will mainly see big double decker buses an transport lorry’s pass by so it is important that you watch the roads carefully whilst crossing over from the bus stop if you are a bus user, or that when you are turning into our car park you are aware of oncoming vehicles. The area is occasionally quiet and calm up until at least 3pm, where things will then begin to get hectic as its school run time. There is a primary school just on the corner of the road. In order to enter the car park the buzzer must be ringed, someone will always answer as we have a receptionist that is always in the office. Once you approach the door, if you are a member of staff you will have your identification card on and a fob in order to gain access. If you are a visitor, the buzzer will have to be rung. This is for security measures. There are many different hazards that occur within a care home. A hazard is anything that can cause harm. Hazards can exist to staff visitors and also service users if care is not taken to reduce risk and harm. Risk is the chance, high or low that someone will be harmed by a hazard.

There are many different types of hazards.
Hazard in the physical environment
Hazard from equipment
Hazards from infections
Hazardous work
Hazardous Substances
Hazardous working conditions
Hazardous working practices
Hazardous Security system.
Here I am going to focus on the 6 main hazards.

Elderly Care Home - Elderly Service User.
Hazard within a physical environment includes everything around you, this could be objects, people, pets, the building, the air and the temperature. Lighting within rooms should be bright enough for everyone to see, poor lighting can lead to individuals tripping over and not seeing things. This can definitely be hazardous to the older residents and anyone with poor vision. Rooms should have central heating and a temperature setting in order to monitor temperature. As this could result to individuals not performing correctly or affect body. Ventilation within rooms must be good, as poor ventilation could increase airborne infection which will make individuals sick. Nursery- Young Children

Hazard from equipment can cause bad harm. Untidiness such as toys and equipment left in corridors or on stairs can cause individuals (Staff or Young Children) to fall over, fall down the stairs or even worse matters. Poor maintenance could also cause hazard. This could mean young children playing with broken toys that haven't been checked by members of staff. Young children could injure their selves very badly and could be hospitalised. There should be a scheduled checking time in order for members of staff to ensure that equipment doesn't cause any injuries to staff or the young children as service users. Elderly care home - Elderly service user.

Hazards from infections could cause harm if you do not follow procedures correctly. Food hygiene must be thorough within care settings. This is because elderly and patients are at far more risk and sometimes fatal complications including salmonella and e-coli. If food hygiene is not thorough then service users, elderly or patients could end up more ill than they were before. This could cause serious complications. Hospital - Service User with a...
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