Health and Safety

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Sample health and safety manual
{Insert your organisation’s name and logo here}

Health and safety policies
and procedures manual


Employer commitment and policy
Hazard management
Occupational Overuse Syndrome prevention policy
Smoke-free working environment policy
Stress at work
Manual handling
Accident management
Rehabilitation policy
Emergency management
First aid
Employee information, training and supervision
Workmen on site (contractors)/visitors
Appendix 1: Checklist for yearly manual review
Appendix 2: Checklist for ACC Safe Workplace Preparation Audit Appendix 3: Sample workstation assessment checklist
Appendix 4: Incident and accident reporting form/register
Appendix 5: First aid register
Appendix 6: Hazard register
Appendix 7: Hazard notification form
Appendix 8: Bomb threat checklist

Employer commitment and policy


This section lists the objectives of the health and safety manual, provides a brief summary of the health and safety legislation and defines accountabilities.


The {organisation name} health and safety programme aims to:

promote excellence in health and safety management
continually improve current health and safety performance •provide a safe and healthy work environment
identify and control actual and potential hazards
establish and maintain communication on health and safety •support staff participation in health and safety matters •identify needs and provide training on health and safety •demonstrate a commitment to the accurate reporting and recording of health and safety matters •comply with legal and organisational obligations.

Objectives will be achieved through:

management’s support and commitment to health and safety •implementation of policies and procedures
implementation of an annual health and safety programme Plan1 •staff education and participation
maintaining a quality philosophy
regular reviews and evaluations
three-monthly health & safety meetings
two-yearly health and safety manual review.

Legislative requirements

The Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 requires employers to take all practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of staff members at work by:

providing a safe working environment
providing and maintaining facilities for staff members’ safety and health •ensuring plant and equipment on the premises are safe •ensuring staff members are not exposed to hazards
developing emergency procedures
ensuring that no action or inaction by staff members is likely to cause harm to themselves or any other person.

1 An annual plan is developed and can be found with Health and Safety Meeting Minutes at the back of this manual. Other people who have duties under the Act include persons in control of places of work; self-employed people; principals to a contract; contractors and subcontractors; and staff members.

The Health and Safety in Employment Regulations 1995 impose duties on employers in respect of the workplace, certain staff members, and types of work. The Resource Management Act, the Building Act, the Fire Service Act, the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act, and the Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation Act also include health and safety elements.


The {CEO} as the employer representative has ultimate accountability for the health and safety of all staff. This is provided for by:

Demonstrating continuous improvement through a systematic approach to occupational health and safety matters that includes setting specific objectives, systems and programmes in partnership with staff and reviewing these yearly (refer appendices 1 and 2). •Documenting and communicating the health and safety policy and holding staff members responsible for supporting...
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