Health and Safety

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Employment, Occupational health psychology Pages: 5 (1559 words) Published: February 17, 2013
DATE:January 21, 2013

The two main issues that are identified in this case relates to the Manager having the wrong perspective of health and safety in the workplace, he is of the belief that working in an office do not require such practice. Additionally, the other issue refers to the employees at Global Insurance Company who are unaware of the health and safety in the workplace through lack of communication, thus making them vulnerable to unsafe situations.

There are certain causes that could stimulate the behavior of the issues highlighted above; the manager could be uneducated about health and safety in full details, the pros of having the implementation of health and safety may have not been clearly mentioned through the various mediums he would have come across during his tenure as a manager. It could also be a case where the manager did not source information because of lack of interest due to his perceptions in stereotyping the concept of health and safety in the office against those in the industry, thus allowing him to think he has nothing to worry about because of the workplace setting and as a result due diligence is not applied. Assuming that the manager has knowledge of the implementation there may be some level of ignorance and it relates to funding and accommodating such venture. Expense in terms of installing safety measures, providing training and proper safety equipment. In other words, the manager could be looking at expenses to implement opposing to the expense that could occur after an incident, looking at short term rather than long term. Another issue could be due to the fact that that he is not aware of the legislative consequences the organization may face should an incident occurs. Additionally, not having enough persons in the work place could be an issue for him not having a health and safety program.

Eva could approach these particular issues from the perspective of doing her research on the type of organization and the protocol they will have to follow in attaining a workplace health and safety program. After completing such task she could now arrange a meeting with the manager having in her possession a prepared agenda of the issues that would be covered in logical manner and one that would be of interest to the manager. She could start by highlighting the fact that she is uncomfortable and surprised that there are no safety measures in place in the department as she is accustom to having at her previous place of work. With that said she can continue the meeting by stating that Safety in workplace involves making arrangements so as to avoid accidents. At the same time, it also involves being alert to certain hazards and having knowledge about the measures used to overcome them

Eva could make a proposition to the manager to combat stereotyping by challenging him to think of all the things in the office that can be considered a hazard, after which she could inform him that the best course of action is to plan ahead for all kinds of emergencies. She could make mention of fire, electric shock, and absolutely anything and everything that could cause harm directly and indirectly. She could ask him to make a list of all these emergencies. Based on this list, make another list of things you need to have at your workplace to ensure the safety of your employees, and then implement these things. She can also inform him of the route to take in achieving a health and safety programme by encouraging him to look at the local regulations concerning office safety. She could inform him, that the law states Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) sets out minimum health and safety standards for workplaces in Ontario.  Employers are required by law to post a copy of the Act in the workplace.  The OHSA is anchored on the “internal responsibility system”, which means employers and employees share responsibility for keeping the workplace safe and workers...
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