Health and Safety

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Health And safety

The health and safety act consists of various principles, these are implemented to ensure employees are safe whilst at work, this doesn't just apply those those who are employed by a company it applies to any one who enters the building including professional bodies I.e district nurses, And general practitioners the legislation is made up of COSHH,RIDDOR,The manual handling operations regulations, the health and safety first aid regulations and management of health and safety at work regulations, I will identify and write a brief description on how these legislations relate to my job role and work environment.

*Reporting any incidents or occurrences puts a duty on an employer o report serious workplace accidents ,occupational diseases and any near misses* this comes under RIDDOR, reporting of injuries,diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995 ( amended 2008 ),it is a legal requirement to report any accidents and occournences. In my work setting if and accident or dangerous occournence,for example a trip slip or fall, I will report this an accident report book no matter how minor. It is a legal requirement for my employer to have this procedure in place to keep a record of accidents and occournences, and my work establishment complies with wi the requirements of the DATA PROTECTION ACT 1988, by having tear o out pages that are filed and not accessible to unauthorised persons. Another regulation is the *health and safety first aid regulation1981* And in the event of injury or sudden illness failier to provide the correct practice could have fatal results.The health and safety first aid regulations require that an employer provide correct equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees or clients, receive immediate attention if they are taken ill or injured at work the regulation applies to all work settings including mine,adequate provisions will consist of first aid boxes, and first aid rooms at my work setting their is always a trained first aider on site including nightshifts.

The COSHH legislation is put in place,this ensures the employer does a risk assessment on any any substance hazardous to health I.e medication,cleaning products and many more, if not used correctly the employer will asses the risks and make a decision on what precautions will be needed to ensure a safety.Relating to my work setting medication is COSHH issue. And only a senior carer who has had full medication training and has been assessed and found to be compitant can administer medication.medication is stored in a trolly which is then stored in a medication cupboard which is locked at all times unless in use and is only accessible to authorised users, again my seniro will have completed a risk assessment for this situation to ensure the correct action is taken and the health and safety is correct and all employees are informed on the situation

I follow my work establishments policies and procedures the policies and procedures folder can be found in the nurses station and an additional copy in the mangers office, their are a number of different policies that are to be followed some of which include ▪Care of dying policy

▪Equal opportunities policy
▪Locking door in home policy
▪Evacuation of the home policy
The folder consists of 422 policy's and is required that once the policy has been read and understood e employees or manager are required to date and sign.

Whilst at work I ensure that I support others to understand and follow safe and good hygenie practices i.e frequent hand washing and glove changes.i also ensure that myself and others are we're correct ppe, and use the equipment required, and also risk asses any situation I may be in. I also monitor and report potentiometers health and safety risks by checking all equipment prior to use for e.g hoist slings and wheelchairs.if I find any problems or concerns I will report this to my manager and make sure all staff...
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