Health and Safety

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Personal protective equipment, Occupational health psychology Pages: 19 (5482 words) Published: December 1, 2012

* Our first acknowledgement goes to our course lecture for giving us this type of assignment to enhance our knowledge.

* Then our thanks should goes to Mr. Rohana who is the Human Resource Manager of Miami Export (pvt) Ltd. to giving us his co-operation to make the assignment success.

* We should thanks to the two employees who share their ideas with us.

* This is our group effort. To success this, we all have accomplish our duty very well. Therefore thanks should each group members also.


1. Introduction to assignment.
2. Introduction to the organization
3. Analyze part
* Policy statement
* Safety activities and procedures
* Health activities and procedures
* Welfare activities and procedure
* Evaluation Policies of Miami export
* Delegation of responsibility about health and safety
4. Suggestion
5. References
6. Appendixes


Under BBA 3203 Health and Safety Management we have to complete an assignment regarding the health and safety activities and procedures existed in a particular organization. Through this assignment it is mainly focused on whether there is a proper health and safety standards within the organization.

So here the main purpose of conducting this assignment is identifying whether there is a sound Health and Safety policy activities and procedures in the selected organization.

To complete this assignment we have selected the “Miami exports (Pvt) Limited” as the organization. It heavy human capital to understand about the Health and Safety we have selected the apparel industry. Because of this we could able to get a thorough understanding about the Health and Safety which is existed in between a large number of employers is a firm which is operating in the apparel industry. Because the apparel industry is a industry which has a & the management. The Miami exports private limited is one of a firm in the B.A.M. Group. The Founder of the group is Mr. Maheepala and this group consists with five main apparel companies.(SEE, FIGURE O1) They are (1) Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd.- Homagama

(2) Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd. - Pitigala
(3) Perfect Garment (Pvt) Ltd.-Dikwella
(4) Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd.-Ranna
(5) B.A.M. apparel (Pvt) Ltd-Kithulgala

Out of these five apparel companies we selected the Miami Export (Pvt) Ltd situated in Ranna.(SEE, FIGURE O2) There are two factories named as factory 01 (old) & factory 02 (new) in the factory premises. The factory was established at 14th November 1992 & it is situated in Wadigala Ranna area faced to the Colombo – Katharagama High way The men, women & Children wears are the main products that they are producing. Expect those main products they have diversified the production to soon other areas such as Polythin bags, Embroider productions & cloths. They said that there are approximately 4000 workers employed with them & their main customers or the buyers are the United States of America, United Kingdom, & Italy & the “Next” Limited in U.K, Mark & Spencer in U.K. & J.C. Pence in U.S.A. are the major foreign suppliers & N.V. Company is the main local supplier of this company.

The vision statement of Miami Exports
“Priority the (1)”

The mission statement
“Our main target is to be within the worlds best 10 suppliers who produce higher quality & valued apparel and who has a good brand image. And to become a group which has a good relationship with the other firms. We always maintain a positive relationships with the parties who provide their excellent contribution to our Business and in the priority is given to our valuable employers & our stakeholders we seek the best in each an every task within our journey and through that hopes to increase the profit that exceeds the standards and to enhance regular...
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