Health and Nutrition. This essay is a paper mainly used for a health class. It talks about how to take care of yourself by excercising and eating right.

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  • Published: June 2, 2002
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What does health and nutrition do in your life? Well if your thinking that it doesn't make a difference in your life then your wrong. It is probably one of the most important things in someone's life. And it isn't really very hard to stay in shape and eat right. There are many ways and reasons to stay in shape also!

The first reason to eat right and stay in shape is very simple. It is so that you can go out and do things and be able to keep up with everyone else. This means that you would not be panting extremely hard after a small jog, or even just walking up a few flights of stairs. Other people probably find it very pathetic if you can't do anything without getting tired. This is a reason that there is no way of doubting.

Another reason is to simply live longer. Now who doesn't want to live as long as they can? Well, the only way to live long is to eat right and stay in shape. The better that you eat early on in your life, the easier it will be to stay healthy when you are older. Now many people say that with the technology in the future that people will only need some kind of procedure or operation to live a lot longer. But in order to live until that time then people must stay healthy, so that they don't die before that time.

A third reason to stay healthy is for looks. Now everyone wouldn't mind looking great. When one is healthy, that usually means that they are not overweight. When someone is overweight it really puts a strain on the physical activities that they can do. It is also a target for immature people who judge others on looks alone. So it is not a bad thing to be overweight. Except that it limits the physical activities you are able to do.

A great reason that isn't thought of too often is so that you won't get any kind of disease or sickness. Many people don't know that not being healthy can cause diseases to form. They think that it only comes from germs. But the truth is that just being out of shape can lead to things like that. A...
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