Health and Longevity

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Presenter: MOHD FIKRI BIN ALIAS Matric No: 10XXXXX Section: 10 Topic: Health & Longevity
Audience: Around 20 Islamic university students. Majority of them are males and their ages are around 19-24 (teenagers). General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To expose the major problem that affecting to health & longevity and improve their awareness. To give easy tips to prevent it. Thesis: Depression & stress has been number one of factor that influencing health and longevity and it started as early as the teenage. INTRODUCTION

A. Attention Getter: Based on the worldwide statistics, it shows that about 20% of teenagers all around the world suffer from depression even before they reach the age of 18. B. Reason to Listen: As the audiences are still in young ages, it is very important to know how to deal with this big problem. C. Thesis Statement: Depression has been the number one of factors that influencing health and longevity since it has became a habit since teenage. D. Credibility Statement: I have done my research by analyzing the depression levels of statistics for every continent and get some ideas of tips from a physician’s articles, Dr. Steven Margolin from Austin, Texas how to deal with depression. Preview of Main Points:

i) Discussing about the factors that contribute to this problem especially in the teenage stages. ii) The impact of it.
iii) How to overcome it.

1) Main Point: The depression factors that starts since teenage stages. a. Experiencing trauma, abuse, or a long-term illness or disability. b. A family history of depression. Between 20 to 50 percent of teens who suffer from depression have a family member with depression or other mental disorders. c. Other untreated problems. About two thirds of teens with major depression also suffer from another mental disorder, such as addiction to drugs or alcohol, anxiety, or antisocial behaviors. Transition: I...
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