Health and Human Development Sac 1

Topics: Demography, Illness, Public health Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: June 21, 2011
Health SAC 1 Revision
Dimensions of health
Relates to the efficient functioning of the body and it’s systems. Eg. 1- Being free from illness and disease
2- Being within the healthy weight range.
3- Drag a healthy amount of physical activity
Being able to interact with others ad participate in the community, in both independent and cooperative ways. Eg. – Develop and maintain social interactions and relationships – Communicate positively and efficiently with other. – Behave in socially appropriate ways.

A state of wellbeing in which individuals realise their own ability to care with the normal senses of life, can work productively and are able to make a contribution to their community. Eg. – Having self-confidence, having a high resilience level and being able to solve problems. Q2. Definitions

Health Status
An individuals or populations overall level of health taking into account various aspects such as life expectancy, amount of disability and level of disease risk factors.

1 DALY = 1 year of healthy life lost due to disease or disability. Formula : YLL (Years of life lost) +YLD (Years of life living with disability/ disease) Life expectancy
An indication of how long a person can expect to live if death rates do not change. HALE
-Refers to the number of years lived without reduced functioning due to ill health and is therefore an indicator of quality of life. OR - The measure of burden of disease based on life expectancy at birth, but including an adjustment for time spent in poor health. OR - It is the number of years in full health that a person can expect to live, based on current ill health and mortality patterns. U5MR

The number of deaths in a population of children under 5 yrs old per 1000 live births during a specific time period. Mortality
Deaths in a population
Refers to levers of illness and disability within a population measure of how many people suffered...
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