Health and Fitness for the Body's Nutrition Needs

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Health and Fitness on nutrition needs for body.
Nutrition for athletes Journal of sports science. 22(1): 39-55. (2004) Journal on Timing of Energy and Fluid Intake. The journal I read says physical activity increases rate of energy and fluid loss. Your body needs fluid intake and food intake when you exercise if not it results in loss of fat free mass and it increases dehydration risk. The article states years or research says that a diet high in complex carbohydrate, moderate in protein, and relativity low in fat is best for both health and physical activity. Weight loss, weight gain, and weight stability are a matter of energy balance. It also states that you should consider that the weight of fat is not the same as the proportion of fat. Carbohydrates 7 to 8 g/kg body weight per day. Complex carbohydrates rather than sugars are preferred sources. Protein in adult’s 1-2g/kg body weight per day. Protein in a child is 2g/kg body weight per day. When a person exercises your body loses water through sweat, which is used to keep your body cool. That’s why when you are exercising its very important to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated so fluid intake is very important. Water helps regulate your body temp. Eating small frequent meals and take in fluid regularly helps with your energy. The more frequent the eating pattern, the lower the body fat and the higher the muscle mass. Frequent eating with smaller meals reduces the size of within day energy deficits and surpluses, helps to stabilize blood glucose, and also results in lower insulin release than calorically equivalent large meals. Excess weight and obesity are significantly more common among people who consume three or fewer meals a day than those having five or more daily eating/snacking opportunities. In general these finding all imply that the dynamics of energy intake and energy expenditure should be closely matched during the day. Sustaining blood volume is critical for...
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