Health and Cidex

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Health Problems induced by the Steriliant Cidex

In a healthcare setting, it is important to be able to control infectious organisms. Sterilants and disinfectants are a crucial tool for meeting that. It is true that sterilants and disinfectants are toxic to living organisms but they can also be harmful to us healthcare providers. I myself work in a Surgery Center, where I come in contact with a sterilant called Cidex. This product is a powerful sterilant that is used to sterilize our instruments and to kill any living organism that may be living in the instrument and to have the instrument safely sterilized for another patient to be used on. Now it has been shown that using this product, Cidex has proven to show that healthcare professionals have health problems after being exposed to it or even long term exposure of Cidex. It is very important to follow all guidelines and precautions when using this type of sterilant in a work place. There are short term and long term effects by exposure of this product. There are different types of symptoms that healthcare providers may experience, including myself, while using this product. A few of those are the most severe and long term effects like wheezing, lung pain and asthma symptoms. There have been times, where I am assigned to working inside the decontamination room, and experienced trouble breathing, wheezing and chest pain hours after the exposure. Nurses have also complained about feeling short of breath just by being around the product and not necessarily having any Molina 2 contact with the sterilant. There is also a 75% that health care providers working with such powerful sterilants will produce asthma later on in life. Another symptom that has been reported was burning and of the eyes. Coming in contact with the liquid vapor can severely irritate the eyes, which can also lead to blurry vision, red eyes and watery eyes. There have also been...
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