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By | April 2012
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Econ 2 / Penn State
Prof. Misty Ann Stone
Homework 1

Name: Muhammad Syazwan Rusli (myr5084)

What time does your class start: 335 p.m.

Homework 1 is due on February 23 at the end of class. In order to be accepted, it must be typed. So, my recommendation is that you just open this file on your computer and fill in the answers!

($200 per question) The following questions are based on the Sick Around the World film that we started in class. You can find the film online at

1. What does “universal health care” mean? Which countries in the film have universal health care? * Universal health care is one of governmental health care program that gives health care coverage to all citizens of a governmental region that includes medical, dental and mental health care. * In the film, countries that are practicing universal healthcare are Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and Switzerland.

2. In the United States, insurance companies can deny coverage to people who are sick or who have “pre-existing conditions,” and they can make a profit. How do these two factors impact American health care? * A lot of people went bankrupt because of healthcare.

* People can’t afford healthcare.

3. How do the British pay for their National Health Service? What, according to the film, might Americans not like about the British system? * They pay their National Health Services by tax revenues * Long waiting list

* Can’t go directly to specialist ( Need to be refer by gatekeepers)

4. Japanese citizens visit doctors three times as often as Americans, and have longer life spans and lower infant mortality than Americans. How do the Japanese pay for their health care system? * They have a system called social insurance where everybody is required to get health insurance and government will support those who can’t afford health insurance. They also have a fix price...

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