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 Identify possible factors that may influence the change

.  How about the new process for electronic monitoring or EMR systems??? 

Before implementing the new EMR process it is important to create an internal EMR committee. The committee should include the right people who will be affected by the change such as physicians, medical record administrators and directors. The committee should also include people who will embrace change and have respect for their peers. According to Sánchez (2005), “this committee needs to be familiar with the ultimate goals and benefits to working in a practice with a fully functional EMR system” (Internal Project Leadership Team).

During the process of change, everyone is not going to be equally motivated. Once the EMR committee has been place, it is important that leadership ensures that all employees are motivated. It is important that everyone understand the value of the change. The transition to EMR will have great benefits if everyone is motivated because they will get the most out of the change. According to Sánchez (2005), “people can handle a big change if they understand the importance of EMR implementation, and when they have the entire picture” (Communication and Motivation). It is the job of the EMR committee to ensure that all staff understands the benefit and the reason for the change. Sánchez (2005) explains, “lack of communication is one of the leading causes of problems in the implementation of complex software solution” (Communication and Motivation). Creating an effective plan encourages good communications throughout the process.

Training of the new EMR process should be careful planned. Sánchez (2005) explains “it is important to provide users with a short overview, give them the life-size picture and some details about the most often used features, and let them play with the system” (Sufficient Time to Training). With training, it is important to ensure that employees are involved in hands-on...
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