Healing the World Without Racism

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  • Published : December 14, 2011
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Sarah Cilbrith
Dr. Jarvis
English 114
Healing the World without Racism or Oppression
Ever wonder what the world would be like without racism or oppression? Would people actually get along and not judge? Or would they find something else to have a problem with. Is it possible to even live in a world without racism? Let’s heal the world with racism, by taking it out of the world. People will do and say whatever will make them feel better even if it’s at the expense of others. With art and literature you get an insight to how people are feeling and the troubles they have gone through. By reading stories written by certain types of people, such as women, you get to see their troubles and even realize the way you see things or what have you been told aren’t totally true. By seriously looking into racism and oppression and how it has affected women, we have come to the conclusion that both oppression and women are hand in hand.

“Racism is a pleasure within everyone’s reach” (Memmi 184). When Memmi made that stamen she was pretty much saying that nearly everyone is an unconscious racist. Most people would take offence to that statement, but if you were to sit there and think about it you might realize you have made a racial comment to a friend. Or just to yourself without realizing that you just added you self to the long list of people that don’t like or trust someone because of something they can't control. “The degrees range from the man who starts out, ‘I don’t have any prejudice against any race but...’ to the one who claims the black man has a peculiar smell or the Jew a ‘concentration camp’ look.” (Memmi 181). There are people who will admit they are uneasy about certain types people being around them. There have been many incidents where store owners were seeing mostly watching over a certain ethnicity. And when confronted they deny it and act like it was no big deal. But it is a big deal these are real people, they living on earth just like...
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