Healing: Patient and Health Care

Topics: Patient, Health care, Health care provider Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: February 10, 2013
This paper is based in providing a care of love philosophy in a healing hospital. The paper explains relationship between healing hospitals and its spirituality. Healing hospitals focuses on a holistic approach to provide a patient care. There are many challenges of creating a healing hospital in terms of barriers and complexities of the hospital. It requires a lot of personal and religious beliefs to support holistic approach in health care. The paper also includes a biblical passage that will correlates with the concepts of a healing hospital. Components of a Healing Hospital

Healing hospitals are great contribution to a holistic health care. The evidence based knowledge facilitates the support and benefits of healing hospital environment. The healing environment facilitates into hospital paradigm to reduce the stress and promote healing. Therefore, it considers the well being of patient and is not limited to patients and their families’ cognitive, emotional and spiritual concerns [Mildtein 2005]. The healing hospital is very different from regular health care hospitals. The healing hospital is not just a building designed by architecture but it requires several complex thoughts. These thoughts involved in creating an environment that is free from stress and risk factors that may interfere with the healing environment of patient and family. Errie Champan, mentions that founding fathers of the healing hospital has to go through many emotional and financial challenges in order to build a successful healing hospital. The model is consistied of restoration of love (Chapman, 2010) which should also be consistent to other hospital employees, CEO, the managers, and other health workers. All these employees serve a form of culture common to the hospital. There is a belief of healing
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