Healer and Healing: a Study on Khasi Health Care System

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Illness Pages: 9 (2797 words) Published: March 31, 2012
Healer and healing: a study on Khasi Health Care system

This is particularly in our societies where one medical system along cannot adequately meet the health needs of the entire population. In the present time most of the people live in a medically plural society. So their health seeking behavior is an important side of human being. Through gathering information, to find out the indigenous medical knowledge of Khasis and to investigate the available health care options, understanding their perception about alternatives in health care system, explore the health seeking behavior of Khasi people. Health and care, belief and practices differ according different cultures. Cultural belief and practices strongly influence people’s health. Health problem often viewed as cultural phenomena. The term ‘healing’ means a variety of complex and overlapping treatment systems. Various medical anthropologists created typologies that recognize the phenomenon of medical pluralism in complex societies. Based upon their geographic and cultural settings Kleinman suggested that, in looking at any complex society, one can identify there over lapping and inter connected sectors of health care, the “popular” sector the “folk” sector and the “professional” sector (Helman, 2000). In our country Khasi is an excluded community. They are also well known ethnic community in this geographic area. They have a different cultural believes and practices. They are different in their life style with the Bengali. They have a indigenous medical knowledge. The healer of their community is known as 'Bonagi'. The physician practices their knowledge insider of their community. But now a day’s people of the Khasi community also take service of allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic etc of various health problems. Statement of the problem:

In both developed and developing countries, the standard of health services public expected was not being provided. The service does not cover the whole population. The health service favored only the privileged few and urban dwellers. The ethnic communities have been detached from the mainstream of the health and health care sectors including the public health care also. In Bangladesh there are 31 ethnic communities are existing and khasis are one of them is totally beyond the researchers and the policy makers. The ethnic community is living in Sylhet division since several centuries, but Anthropological study yet has not been conducted the health and health care. The impacts of climate change and global warming, various peculiar and unknown complex diseases are arisen. So it is very important to know how khasi people treat their different diseases. Objectives of the study:

The broad objectives of my study will be to investigate the available health care option of Khasi people and it means to find out the indigenous medical knowledge of Khasis. Specific objectives:
The specific objectives of my research to know:
a) Explore the health seeking behavior of the local people.
b) Understanding their perceptions about alternatives in health care system c) Understand their perception about new epidemic diseases which is revealed in this century. Review of Literature:

For better understanding of the conceptual issues of the research, review of literature is needed. Few health related books have reviewed for this research after which described in below: Anita hardon (1992) has written ‘Applied health research manual: Anthropology of health and health care’. The Authors first assumption is that human body is more than just a physical organism but have a cultural mind which influence people’s health. As the formulation of them, disease is the definition of a health problem by a medical expert, illness refers to the experience of the problem by patient and sickness is the social role attached to a health problem by the society at large. The general framework of...
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