Headlights, Airbags and Wheels Are Commonly Stolen Car Items. Why Do You Think This Is the Case? Do You Know Someone Who Has Had These Items Stolen? How Can These Items Be Better Protected?

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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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Headlights, airbags, and wheels theft are becoming the hottest and most stolen car items. They have found that it’s not financially related. It could be a jealous neighbor or acquaintance that will steal the wheels in spite. Basically if I can’t have them then you won’t either.

As for wheels, I think the reason why theft is so high is because tires and rims are very high in price. The thieves can easily steal them and then place them up for sale on EBAY or other related classified ads. I actually worked with a guy that had is car completely stripped down. It was a Honda Civic V-Tec, but they wanted what he had, whatever it was. To keep from your wheels from be stolen you should never leave your car unattended at night. Use gorilla type wheel locks to better secure your wheels always keep your key lock nut with you. Another way to keep them safe is to have them etched with a unique identification number similar to a VIN so they can be tracked.

As I read report after report all I was really seeing was Nissan Maxima’s xenon headlights were being stolen. These pricey headlights are being stolen in a record 30 seconds. The gas-filled bulbs, which shine 50 times brighter than the conventional ones sell for $250 a piece on the streets. According to the NYPD’s auto-crime division, more than 800 have been reported stolen this year. I have not yet met anyone that has had this car accessory stolen. The only way that I can think of to prevent theft is Add on Car Alarm System (will turn on by itself, it will protect all doors, trunk, hood, you can add sensors (radars, glass sensors), add a shock/impact sensor, give you another starter kill, give you a real siren chirp on arm and disarm, will tell you by chirping if you leave a door or trunk open when you arm the alarm, give you a led that flashes).

Airbag theft is becoming more and more common. Why would someone steal an airbag? Money! Airbags can range up to about $200. Its takes a criminal less than 3 minutes to steal...
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