Head Start

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Head Start is a program that was launched in 1965 to provide low-income children and their families with a comprehensive child development program. This is a very beneficial program for these families, not only helping to provide an education, but also health, nutrition and social services. Without federal funding, this service would not even exist, and several children would be left without an education. Head Start is a successful program, however; there are a few minor details that could be fixed that would better the program.

Head Start was in the making in 1964, when the Government asked a panel of educational experts to devise a plan to provide services to disadvantaged pre-school children. A year later, Head Start became a reality and has been growing ever since. Head Start consists of two programs: Head Start and Early Head Start. Head Start is a program that offers child development programs to low-income pre-school age children and their families. Early Head Start is a revision of Head Start that serves mostly low-income pre-school age children prenatal to age three, pregnant women and their families. According to the National Head Start Association, 1,065,225 children and pregnant women were enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start programs during the 2004-2005 program year.

Funding for this program goes straight from the federal government to local grantees. The government provides 80% of the yearly cost to operate a Head Start program and the remaining 20% must come from a "local match" or "in-kind" contributions. There are 2,695 grantees and delegate agencies that run 19,806 Head Start and Early Head Start centers and nearly 50,000 classrooms (National Head Start Association).

I feel that Head Start is a much needed, beneficial program. However, through articles I have read and my own opinion I feel that Head Start teachers need to be paid more. Education is so important in every child's life. Just because a child comes from a...
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