Head Nurse

Topics: Medicine, Physician, Health care Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: January 22, 2013
A head nurse has the following important duties and job responsibilities: * Planning and scheduling the work activities of junior nurses in her section. * Making sure that the medical reports and instruments are kept properly and safely. * Ensuring that the patients obey the instructions and advice of the doctors and follow their prescriptions sincerely. * Ensuring that the areas where the patients are admitted are sanitized properly on a regular basis. * Directing the patients to have their meals regularly and receiving feedback from them in case of faulty food items or other issues. * Making her patients relax in case of adversities and major surgeries being performed on them. * Comforting her patients and injecting them with the required medicinal doses as advised by the doctors. * Cleaning the areas that contained medical instruments, medicines and syringes in order to ensure safety for all those who visit these areas. * Sanitizing the rooms where the patients are dressed and changed in order to avoid microbial infections. * Assisting her patients with calling their relatives and helping the old ones move from one place to another. * Walking with the doctors during their routine rounds and check-ups and noting down the directions of the doctor with regard to the health and care of the patients. * Ensuring that she provides all the health care facilities and services to the patients with accordance to the rules, regulations and policies of the state. * Placing demands for new medicines and documenting their amounts properly and ordering fresh stocks of the medicines that have expired. * Ensuring that all the needs and demands of the patients are fulfilled during their stay in their hospitals. * Making sure that the patients are comfortable and feel at home. * Executing all other tasks that need her assistance and patient health care services. * Duties and Responsibilities of a Head Nurse:

* Head nurses...
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