Head Girl Speech

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It only felt like a couple of weeks ago when I was starting my first days at secondary school now I am here standing in front you vouching for your vote. In the 3 minutes I have allocated I am going to try and answer a few questions you’re probably thinking and try and grab your attention…as much as possible. Who is she? You ask

Well, my name is Alishba Danish, year 12 currently studying Psychology, Maths, biology and Chemistry and one day I aspire to study biomedical sciences, chemical engineering or psychology. I like to keep my options open. I am an active member of Spanish club outside school, peer mentor and I’ve finished my bronze duke of Edinburg now preparing for the silver award. When I was first approached to apply for the role for head girl and deputy, my heart begun ticking inside me like a time bomb, I couldn’t believe it! You know when you parents say not long before you in before you’re in my shoes. Well believe them. Because time really does fly!

What will I do for the school?
After a long but worth full wait we are finally getting a new 6th form block. Which is an end to a battle over finding spare rooms and fighting over computers and seats with year 7’s in the library! I believe fund raising for extra luxuries like in the 6th form centre…for educational purposes only! Would be a great way for me giving something back to school and saying a big “thank you.” Organising charity events

Why did I apply ?
You may not know this but I just used but I used to be a bit of a loner, a one man wolf pack. But when my mum dropped me on my first day of year 7 and met the class of 2006 I knew they were my own and wolf pack not only grew but 1 but by a lot and for the past 4 years when I got to know the rest of the year, I thought could it be? And then I knew I had added so many wolves to my wolf pack. Life is full of defining moment Picture this. Year 2 there was one Oreo cookie and 2 very hungry girls, the cookie was mine and I was willing...
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