Hea; Th Care Merger Report

Topics: Mergers and acquisitions, Human resource management, Health care Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Strategic Management and Merger
Victoria Mickens
January 18th 2013
Professor Laura Poluka

Strategic Management and Merger
Good Morning Staff Members;
Some of you may have heard Trinity Health Care Senior Center will be merging with the Lower Wing Retirement Center a smaller care center. I would personal like to thank everyone for the years of success we had as a company. I would also like to note that we would not be in position to handle this merger without you our key staff members. “We have appointed a merger overseer who will monitor progress and analyze trouble spots calling for priority attention” (Macek, John 2011pg33). Our key reasons, for our merger is as follows:

* To manage cost
* To improve efficiency
* To reduce layoffs
* To stay competitive in our current economics
* To promote health and wellness of our patients
* To provide quality patient care
* To reduce waste
We will employ many of our manager personnel to help in the planning process as soon as possible. The Merger process will take a one or two years before it is complete. “Mergers call for careful planning, patience and perseverance” (Macek, John 2011,”p33”) We do not want to lose anyone. We will ensure continuation of the corporate culture that has yielded proven results and made work satisfying for us all” (Macek, John 2011, “p33”). Lower Wing Retirement employees are looking forward to joining in and working alongside of us. Lower Wing Retirement Center IT department and billing, for the last three years, they were voted number one. It will be a pleasure acquiring their experience. We will try to make this merger smoothly as possible. We do not want to lose anyone, and want to continue employment for everyone. However, the process of merger is usually difficult and expensive. The merger involves the combination of parallel departments of both institutions under a single management. Where we had one clinical laboratory, we will then have...
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