He, She, It Part 1

Topics: Jews, Judaism, The Holocaust Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: May 24, 2013
He, She And It Part 1
He, She and It tells the story of Shira Shipman, a recently divorced mother, in the near future United States in the year 2059. The story begins with the trial of custody for Shira’s son Ari, whom she loses to her ex husband Josh. Shira’s grandmother Malkah tries to convince Shira to return to her hometown but Shira refuses to leave until her appeal for Ari’s custody is over. Unfortunately, Shira discovers that Josh has been relocated by Y-S (The multi company that Josh and Shira work for) to a new facility on the moon and he has taken Ari with him. After discovering the news, Shira decides to take up a lab positition with Avram, father of her past lover Gadi, in her home town of Tikva, a Jewish free town. At this point, the story shifts from past and present, as well as taking the perspective of the story told by Malkah to Yod about the life of rabbi Judah Loew, the Maharal of Prague. Back in Tikva Shira is introduced to Yod, a cyborg created by Avram to protect the city of Tivka and its inhabitants. Avram wants Shira to teach Yod how to pass as human in order for him to assimilate him into civilization so he can blend into the human crowd. Shira teaches Yod how to “become human” and assimilates her ideals onto Yod, basically programming Yod into a man that she wants.

I couldn’t help but make a connection of how Jewish people are treated in this book and the Holocaust in World War II in Germany. Although not as extreme as the Holocaust, the Jewish community is quite oppressed in this story, with Jewish people even needing to pretend to be Christian in order to survive and live. There was even a period of time in the book’s history called “The Troubles” where everyone in the world blamed Jewish people for a series of disasters. When Malkah tells Yod her story she tells him of a massacre in the Jew town of Prague, how Jews were exiled and their culture destroyed, as well as Jews having to pay a tax on their right to live. Jews...
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