He Marketing Strategy of Apple Iphone 4

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The marketing strategy of Apple Iphone 4


Over the past seven years, Apple has seen great success due to its imaginative and fresh way to do the business. Through continuous innovation, Apple has developed a series of exceptional products with imaginative design and style. Specifically, Apple has made its products popular among the customers through effective marketing strategy. To some extent, innovative marketing, and sleek and enticing communications is the primary reason for the success of Apple. Therefore, it is of great significance for us to analyze the marketing strategy of Apple, so as to learn from the previous experience as well as find out the aspects that need improvement.

The success of Apple over recent years is mainly contributed to its Iphone, the smart iPod, iTune, and Ipad s product combination, which is of both great hardware pieces, with great style, great software, great performance, user friendly interface, and with a good e-business service.

The main aim of this essay is to critically analyze the marketing strategy of Apple Iphone 4. The essay is organized around three parts. The first part discusses the current mix of Iphone 4 from four basic aspects (the product, price, place, and promotion) and three addition aspects (physical layout, provision of customer service, and processes of the marketing strategy). Following this, the second part analyses the competitive position of Iphone 4. In the end, the essay provides suggestion for the managers of Apple in the marketing department, pointing out both the aspects that should be maintained and those that should be improved based on the findings.

Description and analysis of the current marketing mix

To understanding the marketing strategy of a company or a specific product, the 4Ps theory can be applied. Three other Ps can also be used to provide additional information: physical layout, provision of customer service, and processes of the marketing strategy.

(1) Product

To be successful, a product should be able to meet the needs of the customers. After developing the first generation of Iphone products in 2007, which had saw a great success, Apple is making continuous innovation and adds new features to Iphone 4 to meet the changing demands of the customers. The most attractive feature of Iphone 4 is its FaceTime (The features of Iphone 4). It has been a dream that one day people can see the face of the people they miss through telephone, and Iphone 4 makes this dream into reality. People can communicate with the relatives and the friends like face-to-face just if they own the iphone 4. Iphone 4 has won great success due to this feature primarily because that people, especially those who are successful, are quite busy and may travel all over the world, so they have little time to meet their family or friends. The iphone 4 enables these busy people to relieve their miss of the family or the friends. Besides, a face-to-face call is also more formal than the common telephones calls, as people can observe the expressions of others, making it easier to understand the true meaning of each other.

Unique from other mobile phones, Iphone 4 is superior in its Retina display, which is the most vibrant, the sharpest, and the highest-resolution phone screen ever, with four times the pixel count of previous iPhone models (The features of Iphone 4). In fact, the pixel density is so high that the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels. Therefore, people can save the room and money of taking or purchasing a camera. With just a Iphone 4, people can take photos or video any time they like.

In addition to these two unique functions, Iphone 4 also has all the functions of other mobile phones (The features of Iphone 4). What’s more, Iphone 4 supports the multitasks, which means that people can switch among different functions freely without lowering the speed.

(2) Price

Appropriate price is the basis for the success of a...
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