Hdfc Bank Credit Cards

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  • Published : November 20, 2012
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1.Context /Background3
2.Summary and literature review4
3.Questions and hypotheses and justification6
4.Summary of method7
4.1:Research instruments7
5.Ethics and Safety Requirements8
8.Research Timetable11


1.Context /Background
Housing Development Finance Corporation Bank of India was incorporated in the year in August 1994 after the changes that were made by Reserve Bank of India, which is by allowing for the establishment of private sector banks in India. This is an assignment made on the sales of the bank credit cards because this is a vast subject that is to be studied in a country like India. India is a large country with diversities, so the customer interaction with be different in each and every place, that may be the language, environmental factors etc. According to my study I would like to suggest that the industries go through narrow phases like introduction, growth, maturity and declines. But these may vary from one place to another comparatively on interceptions and interpretations. In India there a various banks like public sector and private sector banks. And today the private sector banks are giving a tough fight for the public sector banks so called government banks. So considering all these factors I would like to discuss the topic credit cards of HDFC Bank Ltd because there is a tough competition and in this competitive situation how the customers can be satisfied with the bank. In today’s world of competition customer is the supreme for the bank so customer service and customer satisfaction are the main areas were the concentration is to be made. HDFC Bank ltd has got various types of credit cards for different consumers. It has made a very good market catching plan by introducing different types of cards to different types of customers like for working class, business class and special cards for women. The different types of cards that they have introduced are like Gold Credit Card, Women’s Gold Credit Card, Business Gold Credit Card, Titanium Credit Card, Business Platinum Card, Platinum Chip Credit Card all these are regular card and there are premium cards like World Master Credit Card, Visa Signature Credit Card and also there are Super Premium cards like Infinia and Regalia cards. All the above mentioned cards are of different credit limit. All these cards are given to the consumers according to their bank transactions ant measured value of customers according to their efficiency so all types of customer get the privilege of using credit card. In India use of credit card is a privilege. So the HDFC Bank ltd aiming this point of view of customers they have satisfied the needs of customers according to the

customer wants. In my study ill will show about the HDFC Bank and their role towards customers. 2.Summary and literature review
I will be showing in this study of HDFC Credit Card towards customers as they have many positive and few negative things towards the usage of credit card. There are three factors of customers that i have taken into consideration that is satisfaction of customer, security and payment default of customer. In this study I have a personal experience with the sales of HDFC Credit Cards so that I know what the customer prefer what are their needs, i have a basic practical research on this. And also in my study i have done a review of different people what is their opinion about credit card towards customers. There is a lot of study made by various people in the literature review and tried to prove various points like why people start using credit cards by Berthoud and Kempson in 1992, Lea, Webly and Levine in 1993, Lea, Webly and Walker in 1995, Livingstone and Lunt in1992, Tokunaga in 1993, Kaynak and Harcar in 2001.all these people have made an...
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