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by e.e Cummings
This poem consists of four words in haiku form. With the phrases “a leaf falls”, and “loneliness”. The poem is so simple yet so complex, a metaphor for something much more in depth than just a few words. The letters inside the parentheses spell the phrase "a leaf falls." The letters outside the parentheses spell the word “loneliness”. The poem seems to be using an event in the natural world a single leaf falling from a tree as a symbol for a human state of mind. The long, narrow shape of the poem resembles the number 1, and maybe it also resembles the path of a leaf falling from its tree and fluttering down to the ground on a lonely day.

Anyone lived in a pretty how town
By e.e Cummings

This poem is tells a story about an average town telling the life of ordinary people in an ordinary town, who fall in love, get married, and then die. “Anyone” and “noone” grow closer and “laughed their cryings and did their dance.” He seems to use pronouns to describe them as one person but he is actually talking about more than one person. Such as saying “he” to represent “anyone” Everyone else in the city didn’t care for “anyone” and simply “reaped their sowing.” The poem tells a story about a couple who live in a town that is oblivious . Also tells us that average people who live in average towns live without evolving , given by the pattern of seasons and rearrangement gives off a different meaning. Why does he use pronouns to describe differently?

Tuesday 9/11/01
By Lucille Clifton

The poem represents the ongoing conflict of man against society. War , violence is representing thunder and lightning in the poem. The phrase “God has blessed America” tells us how were blessed to live in America where freedom is a bliss . The thunder and lightning ,or the violence ,and conflict is always to arise when we mess with somebody else’s goals or “no blood is untouched”. Yet we all feel alone at times not part of the society or world but Tuesday...
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