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Website Review and Summary


September 19, 2011
University of Phoenix

Website Review and Summary

Government Health Agency websites are full of information for any person from a health care provider to a patron needing assistance. From local government all the way up to national, these agencies provide a means of health education to everyone. A common health issue that has been a problem for many years and will be for years to come is the heat. The heat can cause numerous problems for any person, even those who take the necessary precautions. In researching local, state, and national government health agency websites it was found that they all work together in some way to alert the communities of any current advisories. The information the agencies put out can be vital to a person’s health and well-being. When comparing the agency websites certain discoveries were made. In this paper, the different findings will be discussed in how the information overlaps, how the different levels of government work together, and a definition of public and community health. How does information overlap?

All government websites carry a lot of the same information. When researching what local, state, and national agencies gave information on heat advisories and illnesses it was easy because heat illnesses are something that affects everyone. These agencies are about creating a place where the community can go and get information on any public health issue that affects them and their families. Even though the agency websites give a lot of the same information, they all have different structures but rely on each other for information. Local governments focus their information on the community they serve. Specifically Jacksonville Florida, The local government health agency, Duval County Health Department, uses past and current statistics to create advisories and information for Jacksonville. State health agencies accrue health information from counties in...
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