Hcs/490 Communication Paper Week 4

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Communication Paper

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Communication Benefits and Challenges of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

A mode of communication many consumers will use within health care providers is electronic medical records (EMRs). EMRs is a computerized communication system of legal medical records that allows health care professionals to add medical notes to patients medical records and have access to those medical records anywhere in the country. Therefore, the subject of this reading will review the benefits, and value that EMRs bring to individuals. This reading will review some challenges that facilities will face in maintaining patient confidentiality and privacy between EMRs, provider, and consumers, safe from the outside world. How Electronic Medical Records Benefit Patients

One way that EMR benefit patients according to Clayson (2004), is not often discussed, and that would be with the military through Medical Communications for Causality Care (MC4), a system the military uses during medical training exercises. The Value and Importance of Maintaining Patient Confidentiality The value and importance of maintaining patients confidentiality is essential within any organization, especially with the use of EMRs because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 (HIPAA) regulation. According to Thompson ((2006), the objective of EMRs is to provide organizations with a health care system that will be more effective and safer in regard to patient confidentiality. EMR will help to reduce patient errors as well as improve the patient’s quality of service through patient’s confidentiality. EMRs health care systems provide companies the capability to accomplish and enhance the value of their company reputation because a patient will not want to provide information to a company that is not capable of protecting their confidential information. Effective Means of...
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